RONALD LIS – Eclectisauric Enigmorama: A Steampunk Circus

March 16, 2011 - April 17, 2011

The Gallery at FOUND is pleased to welcome a new show by Ithaca area artist RONALD LIS entitled Eclectisauric Enigmorama: A Steampunk Circus. Ron’s imaginative work is inspired by the hypothetical realms of science-fiction and other-dimensional weirdness. His menagerie of steampunk sculptures & devices are meticulously crafted exclusively from antique and vintage objects and invoke a sense of antiquity, authenticity and curiosity.

Ronald Lis is a self-described artist, scavenger, shovel hog, swordsman, pirate and absinthe fiend. His creative efforts focus on replicating the physical environment, fashion/clothing and material culture of the historic past. Professional and recreational pursuits include part-time archaeology, collecting and selling antiques and curiosities, studying/interpreting/teaching Classical Fencing and Historical Swordplay, listening to period-authentic Baroque music and sarcasm.

Here’s what Ron has to say about his work and this show:


Enigmorama:” a spectacle or display, by nature puzzling or inexplicable.

Eclectisauric:“ adjective form of the noun “Eclectisaurus;” from the combination of “eclectic” and “dinosaur.”

A thing may be called eclectic if its origin is derived from a broad range of sources, as is certainly the case with these creations, assembled as they are from a vast assortment of unrelated, discarded components. Addition here of the suffix “-saurus” is consistent with the naming convention reserved for species of prehistoric animals; in particular, those creatures that are monstrous and wholly outside our familiar daily experience. “Dinosaur” may also imply something (or someone) ancient, obsolete or out-dated, forgotten, fossilized, or past its prime.

The Eclectisauri presented here fall into the category of my creations I like to refer to as “Antiques from the Future.” Although inspired by the hypothetical realms of science-fiction and other-dimensional weirdness, they are aesthetically fashioned to conform to genuine styles from the historic past. Through meticulous detail, the exclusive use of vintage/antique components, and by displaying them as relics in a museum-like context, I aim to invoke a sense of antiquity, authenticity, and curiosity.

ECLECTISAURIC ENIGMORAMA opens Wednesday, March 16th. An artist’s reception will take place on Thursday, March 17th from 5-7pm. Stop in to meet the artist and enjoy light refreshments and tasty treats. For a behind-the-scenes look at the installation of this show see the FOUND blog.

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