Behind the scenes at the Gallery at FOUND

We look forward to each and every gallery opening with great pride and enthusiasm but this month’s show is extra special! This month we’re featuring one of our very own FOUND Dealers, Ron Lis. Ron began installing his show on Monday and it was so exciting to watch it go up we just had to let you in behind the scenes.

Ron’s show Eclectisauric Enigmorama: A Steampunk Circus is imaginative and compelling. It is also a little dark and macabre. It will take you into the hypothetical realms of science-fiction and other-dimensional weirdness and back in a single viewing. His menagerie of steampunk sculptures & devices are crafted exclusively from antique and vintage objects and invoke a sense of antiquity, authenticity and curiosity. Ron calls them Antiques from the Future.

When Ron set out to hang his show the walls were barren and white.

In no time, drapes were hung and so were some of his assemblages.

Today with the help of Bill and Andrew, Ron installed his sculptures.

He definitely needed three pairs of hands to install the largest of the pieces which stands about six feet tall and is suspended from the ceiling in several places.

The detail in Ron’s sculptures is quite amazing.

The components (often unrelated and discarded) include flashlight casings, welding torches, soldering irons, WWI mortar shell casings, Victorian lamp and gas jet light fixture parts, cameras, projectors, microscopes and radio/TV vacuum tubes. 

Eclectisauric Enigmorama: A Steampunk Circus opens Wednesday, March 16th. An artist’s reception will take place on Thursday, March 17th from 5-7pm. The show will display in the gallery until Sunday, April 17th.

You don’t want to miss it!

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