Railey Jane Savage Gerald Patrick Walsh – RE-VISION: Mise-en-Scènes & Symbolic Apparatus

December 13, 2010 - January 17, 2011

The Gallery at FOUND is pleased to announce a new show by collage artist Railey Jane Savage and sculptor Gerald Patrick Walsh. Their show RE-VISION: Mise-en-Scènes & Symbolic Apparatus will open on Thursday, December 16th with an artist’s reception from 5-7pm. Come meet the artists and enjoy light refreshments and tasty treats. FOUND will remain open during the artist’s reception so you can see the show and browse through 7,000 square feet of great antique and vintage finds! RE-VISION: Mise-en-Scènes & Symbolic Apparatus will be on display through Monday, January  17th.

Gerald Patrick Walsh

Untitled (Portrait of the Artist)

Through my sculpture I attempt to establish a relationship with the worlds of dream, mythology, and soul. The processes and images I work with are metaphorically and symbolically tied to the inner workings of my dreams, and when manipulating symbolic objects I am meditating on my history of dream journeys and experiences. What I strive to attain through this practice is a deep connection with the domain of soulful images. My goal is to become more adept at relating to these images (the soul) so that I may express operations of the imagination swiftly and with superior skill. To me, this means acquiring greater power in the art of engaging dream material.

The Messenger

My main interests lie in psychology, myth, and magic, and I seek to utilize art to integrate these studies. In my spare time I hunt garage sales, estate sales, junk shops, antique malls, architectural-salvage warehouses, wreckage sites, abandoned buildings and varying nature sites for more material to aid in the re-invention of forms.

Railey Jane Savage

Self-portrait, or The Road to Fairvale

When I prepare to go into art-work-mode, the first decision I make is what film to put on. Whether I’m conscious of it or not, the films I watch and use as my working soundtrack inform the ultimate tone and look of my pieces. From Miyazaki to Monsieur Hulot, the tone of my pieces is limited only by my fabulously fickle viewing temperament. And though I don’t know the whole story behind the pieces, I think that they are excellent advertising for the narratives they provoke.

This collection represents some of my earliest, and some of my latest work: these pieces span my love affair with classic noir, my romance with sweeping westerns, and my flirtation with provocative animation.

I wish I could make my collages my work movies…

I Know Where I’m Going

Please direct any and all inquiries to raileyjanesavage.com

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