Once More With Feeling ~ Painted book covers and other works by Jim Garmhausen

October 30, 2013 - December 1, 2013

change printThe Gallery @ FOUND is thrilled to host a new show by Jim Garmhausen.

“Once More With Feeling” opens on Wednesday, October 30th and will hang in the Gallery through Sunday, December 1st.

Jim Garmhausen is drawn to the beauty and craftsmanship of a former age, and to the aging process itself: the lines spider-webbing through oil paint; the weathered, peeling siding of a barn; brittle books with inscriptions in dip pen; rusted metal.

Books with yellowed pages have a particular appeal as do vintage toys, aged metal and wood, and rusted tools with brittle handles.

He collects these things and keeps them, much the way some people take in lost pets. As misunderstood and forgotten objects, left behind by a long-gone family, or a child grown up and moved away.

Once More With Feeling explores Jim Garmhausen’s fascination with material aging. An attraction to old books first led him to paint on them. He also glues their pages to mat board salvaged from a local frame shop to create another work surface. Canvases are coated with glue and layers of cheap paper, including sheets found in old frames that are like thin sheets of fragile yellow stone, that crack when bent. He ages surfaces with coffee, rust water, and paint and then flips through his own sketch books, looking for an image to match the surface.

book cover kuretakeJim is a former cartoonist who makes paintings, drawings and mixed-media works. He was a member of the former Spirit and Kitsch collective, and has shown locally at many locations, including Gimme Coffee, Crow’s Nest Cafe, Pixel, The Shop and The Westy.

Last year he had a large solo pop-up show in Brooklyn, called “If You Have To Ask You’ll Never Know.” So far this year, he has created two large public works in Ithaca and has two more scheduled, and had work featured in “The Happiest Show On Earth” at WWA Gallery in Culver City CA.

His website is www.jimgarmhausenart.com.

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