The Marriage of Art & Craft: Jewelry Boxes & Mixed Media Paintings by Trina and Jim Bruno

February 5, 2014 - March 2, 2014

Our artists for the month of February are Trina and Jim Bruno. Their show The Marriage of Art & Craft: Jewelry Boxes & Mixed Media Paintings will be installed in the Gallery from February 5th through March 2nd.

102 TANSU BOX (2)

Having been together for over forty years, Trina and Jim have influenced each other’s interest and aesthetics in fine crafts, art and design.

In the 1970s they moved to Eugene, Oregon where Jim honed his talents in home renovation. During that time, they became immersed in the exciting new environment of fine crafts and Jim began to refine his skills as a wood craftsman, creating furniture, cabinets and jewelry boxes.

Trina has a long history in fine art training and received an MFA in painting from University of Wisconsin-Madison.


For fifteen years they were participants in a national, juried wholesale show, selling their jewelry boxes to fine craft galleries all over the country. This experience had a major impact on their work, as they were surrounded by the finest craftspeople in the country who were working in all types of media including wood, glass, metal, jewelry and ceramics.

Jim continues to refine his work and Trina’s art is ever-evolving, exploring new ways to use materials found in nature. We hope you’ll make time to see this fabulous new show. For more information about Trina and Jim, visit their websites at and An opening reception will be held on Saturday, February 8th from 2-4pm.

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