Linna Dolph: Once The Holes Are Filled…

September 19, 2012 - October 14, 2012

Stained Glass with Found Objects

Linna Dolph’s work reflects a propensity for the obsessive collecting and hoarding of old, often insignificant and mostly broken parts of things. Though it is often hard to tell, each item she collects must meet a fairly rigid criteria. It must be a geometric form such as a square or circle, etc. and/or the form itself must be intrinsically interesting. Metal is her material of choice and rust is the added bonus. Items must contain holes and the holes must have had, at least at one time, a specific function.

Linna alters the appearance and character of these objects by filling these holes with glass. In doing so they often become more beautiful and interesting, but the most important and consistent event that occurs when the holes are filled is that the objects are immediately and forever rendered functionless. The objects are not useless but rather utterly void of function and therein lies the art.

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