Oiseaux Sisters ~ Making Objects, Marking Time

August 15, 2012 - September 16, 2012

The Gallery @ FOUND is pleased to present

Making Objects, Marking Time
A Found Installation by The Oiseaux Sisters,
Susan Dollmaker Andrews and Carolyn Rose Fellman

August 15 – September 16

As mixed media artists, we craft objects that tell a story. We use metal, cloth, clay, plaster, paper and paint to suggest a narrative. Sometimes a found object may start the process. An old key, a glove, a hat, a lunch box or ball of twine may initiate the imagining. Perhaps a text may claim us. A song lyric, a poet’s language, a fragment of a letter from home, or a folk tale or myth might start the process. An image may be the catalyst. It may be from art history, family history, the view of a favorite place, person or thing. The work traces our individual and collective experience through time, space and the imagination.

The Oiseaux Sisters, Susan Dollmaker Andrews and Carolyn Rose Fellman, have lived and worked in the greater Ithaca area since the 1970’s, but haven’t shown work here in recent years.  They came to attend graduate school at Cornell and never really left.  Carolyn spent many years doing theater.  Susan was a weaver and then a doll maker. They began to work together on a project for Art Park in 1986 and have been working and traveling together since. They call themselves the Bird Sisters – the French word is Oiseaux –because they migrate seasonally. Their summer studio is in Moravia, NY and their winter perch in Gulfport, Florida. They teach at both ends of the road and spend part of each year traveling and conducting workshops all over the world.  Inquiries are welcome: www.oiseauxsisters.com.

Please join us for an opening artist’s reception on Thursday, August 16th from 5-7.

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